Pandemic Panic – Part 1


“No, mom! Please don’t,” I said with tears streaming down my face. “You need to stay here with dad and me.”


“Honey, it’s not safe. Daddy is at high risk with his asthma and I don’t want to bring the virus back to you either,” mom said with tears now welling up in her eyes too.


The COVID19 pandemic was no longer just something we saw on the news that affected China or other countries too far away for me to truly identify with. Up until now, it was like a far-off war that was raging in some place on the other side of the world and didn’t really impact my life. The virus was now here, real and needed to be taken seriously by everyone.


My name is Daniel Reynolds and I turned 12 last weekend. My mom, Donna Reynolds, is a resident at Celebration Hospital in Central Florida. My dad, Florian, is a talent agent and manages the Florida office of Markus Talent Management based in Hollywood. We live in a typical central Florida gated community in Davenport, just outside of Orlando.


Even though my mom is a doctor, she is a resident and not technically a full doc yet, and because of that, she is treated like a slave at work.  She just announced to my dad and I that she is moving out for the duration of the pandemic so that she would not bring the virus back to us.  Her hospital has been getting a steady stream of patients with COVID19 and one of her colleagues tested positive yesterday and now she is spooked that she is going to get sick and infect us, which could actually kill my dad because of his asthma.


This thing became real to me when the local news said that Walt Disney World, which is only a few miles away, is closing tomorrow. That has only happened a few times in history and only for a few days at a time. This time it was indefinite. Because of their closure and sending all their college program students home they have offered their dorms to local medical workers so they can be isolated away from their families and be only a few minutes from the hospital.


“I don’t understand all the fuss, the President says that everything is under control and it will be over soon. Why are you freaking out like this?” my dad asked. He was clearly scared, emotional and upset that his wife was leaving us alone. I know he would miss her, but I am guessing that he is more scared of being left alone with me and being responsible for a kid all by himself. Even with mom in medical school, I was never apart from her for more than a day or two for a sleepover with a friend or for an overnight class trip. I simply hated this idea more than I hated the idea of us getting the virus.


Mom laughed at dad’s comment, “Since when do you put any stock in what that buffoon says. I am telling you this is a very big deal and it is going to get very, very bad, very quickly, regardless of what the orange menace says.” Dad did not argue as his heart was in denial but his head was telling him she was right.


“When are you leaving,” I sniffed.


“Right now, honey. My shift starts at 6 and I am not going to be coming back until it’s safe to do so,” Mom said.


Even though I was 12, I was a blubbering mess. I was inconsolable and never cried so much in my life that I can recall.  My mom was my best friend and I didn’t know how I was going to live without seeing her everyday.


“OK you two, I need you to promise you will take care of each other. I am only a few miles away and we can talk everyday by phone and Facetime,” she said.


Dad moved to her and pulled her into a hug and I joined in. We stood there in the kitchen for what seemed like hours, hugging and sobbing. For me, it wasn’t just not having my mom with me, it was that I was also scared that she could get sick and die. While I love my dad, we just weren’t that close. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great guy and I know he would slit his wrists for me, but he is, what my grandma calls, “an emotionally detached Dutchman.” What I know is that the hug we experienced at this moment was the most he has touched me for as far back as I can recall.


Mom had hidden her suitcase in the hall closet and asked me to get it and load it in her car while she spoke to dad. I was loading the car when mom and dad walked out. Dad looking like he’d seen a ghost.


“OK boys, I have to go now. I’ll try and call before you leave for school in the morning, Danny,” she said as she got into her car and rolled down the window. I walked to the open window, bent down and said, “I love you mommy, please be safe,” and I kissed her.  It was her turn to lose her composure as she put the car in reverse and backed out of the drive way and drove away from our house leaving dad and I standing there stunned.


Just then a minivan pulled into the driveway of the next house and the family piled out looking frantic. “Ok, everybody quickly pack, I want to be on the road in ½ an hour,” and they all ran into the house. The man that was driving noticed us and yelled over, “You guys should head home too! They are closing Disney for god’s sake … this has got to be serious!”


“This is our home. We live here,” my dad called back.


“Oh, then good luck to you friend,” the man called back and disappeared into the house. 


Dad and I also went inside and started to clean up the dishes from our family dinner. I was processing a million thoughts as we cleared the table and stacked the dishwasher, realizing that this had been our last family dinner for, what could be, a long time.


Many of the communities in the area where a combination of homes where people lived and where people from all over the world would rent for a short time while on vacation. I had never really given it much thought until now, after the man next door seemed panicked enough to leave rapidly.


“Dad, how many people actually live in our neighborhood?” I asked. 


“I am guessing ¼ of the houses are occupied by permanent residents like us and the other ¾ are vacation rentals. Now that you ask, I realize it is going to be very quiet around here in a few days as everyone goes home,” dad said as I finished loading the dish washer, filled it with detergent and closed the door.


I really like our huge house and the community. We have a pool, a Mickey Mouse shaped hot tub. The community center had a gym, another giant pool with slides, a little theatre, arcade games and all sorts of sports stuff.  It was like living in a resort. It was pretty cool. I have a couple school friends that live in the community, but my closest friends lived closer to my school.


“If this is so bad, why are the schools still open?” I asked dad.


“Everything is happening so fast; I am willing to bet schools will be closed within a few days. If what that man next door just said is true when he said ‘even Disney is closed’ … when they close, you know that it is serious,” he said.


There was a knock on the door. It was the frantic man from next door and he had boxes of food carried by him and a boy my age.  


“We can’t take all this food back with us, would you like it?” he said.  My dad accepted it and I carried the boxes to the kitchen.


Dad thanked the man, wished them a safe trip and returned to the kitchen. 


“They are from Canada and had just arrived last night, not realizing how bad the situation is getting. That’s a long trip to have to turn around the next day. They are rushing back home because they were told the border was going to close soon,” dad said.


Dad was clearly worried more than he was showing. He was trying to put on a brave face for me I guess.


“I am going to head to Publix and do some shopping. Why don’t you get your homework done while I’m gone? We can relax and watch a movie when I get back,” dad said in a tone that I knew not to push back against or ask to go with him.


I headed to my room as dad pulled away in the family SUV,  I was alone in the house and knowing most of the houses around us were empty. Mom was gone to work, for what could be weeks, and I suddenly felt very alone and very scared.


My mind started to fill with thoughts of dad not being able to return and mom getting sick and me ending up alone. It was crazy and not going to happen, but with everything that has happened in the last few hours, who could really say what was crazy.


Focusing on the task, I decided to put those thoughts out of my head and to get back to what I was supposed to do.


I decided that I would get into my PJ’s and bring my homework downstairs to do it in front of the TV. As I stripped, I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror hanging on the wall. I have never really considered my appearance or my body too much but in the last few weeks things have changed.  I had been learning about my body in health class this year and Dr. Mom said that I would be starting to notice changes due to puberty that had recently started for me.


As I stood there admiring my 4’ 9” thin body, I had never really thought about it before, but I really like how I look naked. I especially liked my bum, I think it is referred to as a bubble butt, it was cool and I loved to run my hands over its silky smoothness.


Mom also told me I would soon be getting hair around my penis and under my arms, but I wanted none of that. I loved my blonde-brown hair on my head, but that was enough for me, thank you very much. I have never seen my dad naked, but he was, what my mom jokes as “dolphin smooth”, so hopefully those genes will result in the avoidance of gross pubes.


I have seen some of the other boys in my class naked after gym and at the pool when they changed. I would say at least half of them have a few hairs around their dicks and loved to point them out when they appeared. Not even fuzz for me yet and I hope it stays that way.


Even without the arrival of pubic hair, I have been having sexy thoughts about girls and boys. Kids I had never really given much thought about, started to catch my attention, my eyes drawn to their butts, budding boobs on girls and mentally surveying the penises on display in the locker room. I sought out internet porn and found some of it exciting, but most of it was revolting. I know some kids are obsessed with it, but I can take it or leave it.


Along with my new interest in checking out my peers at school, my own penis had become my new best friend. I love the way it looks and feels. It does not need hair and if it does arrive, I will be shaving it off. My boyhood was smooth and hairless and feels so nice when it gets hard and I rub it. My boy toy isn’t large, but an age-appropriate 3 inches soft and 4.25 inches hard. It is thin like a finger and is, what my health teacher calls, circumcised.


As much as I loved my penis, I also had a thing for my testicles. Until a few months ago, I barely knew I had them unless I got kicked or hit with a ball, but now they hang smartly in my scrotum and are also smooth and feel yum yummy when I rub them. If I had to guess their size, I would say they grew from peanut sized to grape sized … green grapes not the big red ones. The dropping of my little balls was the conversation starter with mom. She was drying me after a bath and knew that was the sign that puberty had begun for her baby boy.


Masturbation has become my new hobby and I did it as often as I could whenever I had time after school, robotics club, little theatre, drum practice and home work. Sometimes I would even slip some fun in between those activities. Like I said, I really loved the good feelings that rubbing all my parts caused. My goal, having an orgasm. I had not yet achieved that milestone and tried hard (no pun intended) to get there. I’ve seen a lot of cumming on those internet porn videos, while it looks like snot shooting out of their dicks, the guys seem to really enjoy it when it happens.


Well, it’s not exactly true that I have never ejaculated, as I had a wet dream that was amazing and a little confusing. It was this dream that triggered the talk from Dr. Mom from puberty to sex. I would have hidden it to avoid that embarrassment, but it was mom that noticed as she was trying to wake me and yanked my sheets off my bed only to be met with her half naked, boned up sticky little boy. For her, it was nothing more than a moment to get all emotional again and then professional about. For me, I think I was in a deep state of blush for a week.


Aww crap, what am I doing. Here I am molesting myself in front of my mirror and I just remembered my mom is gone and the world seems to be ending. So much for an erection.  I flopped on the bed and cried again until I fell asleep.


In what seemed like seconds to me I heard my dad loudly announce he was home and the sound of footsteps coming towards my room.  I was still half asleep and did not realize I was totally naked on my bed and before I could react dad appeared in my doorway.


“Oh god, Danny. I am sorry. I should have knocked,” dad stammered but did not move.  He was like a deer caught in the headlights.


I pulled the duvet over myself and let dad off the hook.


‘It’s ok dad, it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before,” I said while pulling on my pajama bottoms under the duvet. “I was going to get my PJ’s on and get to work on homework but I guess I fell asleep.”


I emerged from under the cover with PJ pants on but still topless.


“Ok son, I just need to remember that you are growing up and need your privacy now,” he said while looking down at the floor unable to make eye contact.


“I’m not worried about it. You seem more upset than I am,” I said while chuckling a bit at dad’s embarrassment. “I thought while mom is away, I would just walk around nude to cut down on laundry,” I said with a smile and a giggle.


“Yea, I don’t think so pal. How about helping me bring in the groceries and then I can give you a hand with your homework,” dad said.


I pulled on a t-shirt and went out to our massive family Yukon and saw the haul I had just agreed to carry in and put away.


“What the heck dad! Are we starting our own store?” I asked as I opened the door. “Why do you have so much toilet paper?” I asked.


“I just want to make sure we have enough supplies in case stores get closed or there are shortages,” dad said.


That comment scared me but I did not let on to dad. I silently carried in half a Wal-Mart store. We stocked the shelves and then took the extras to our garage/games room and lined the shelves there too. We have got to have 100 rolls of TP … I swear dad is losing it. After almost an hour of organizing, dad announced that he had a text message from the Parent Council that my school was going to be closed tomorrow as one of the teachers was infected with COVID19.


“I am betting you will be out of school for a few weeks, I am sure the whole state will shut down tomorrow I imagine,” dad said.  “I think it is safe to skip the homework tonight and we can just have a break,” he offered.


“Sounds good! I’m going to hit the pool,” I said and ran to my room, slipped off my PJ pants and t-shirt and threw on a pair of boxers I liked to swim in and ran down the stairs.


Dad was emerging from his room with a pair of swim trunks on. “I am going to soak in Mickey’s mouth,” he said and I rolled my eyes. Mickey Mouth was a family joke. As I described earlier, our hot tub is in the shape of Mickey Mouse and when I was little, I had a bit of a lisp. When I first saw it, I proclaimed “it’s Mickey Mouth” and it has stuck ever since.


“What’s with the boxers?” dad asked, noticing I was wearing them instead of trunks.


“It’s more comfortable. They aren’t as long and my things don’t get all tangled up in the mesh,” I said.


“Fair enough,” dad said.


I dived into the pool and dad took a book and a Mellow Yellow and strode past me to the hot tub.


I watched dad carefully as he walked past and checked out his body to evaluate the body hair situation. Sure enough, he was as smooth as a dolphin. He kind of looked like a young boy actually and I realized how handsome he really is.


As he approached the tub and bent over to check the water temperature, his trunks, not being properly tied up, slipped down a bit and showed me the top couple inches of his butt. Again, it was hairless and kind of cool looking. He eased himself in and gave a satisfied growl as the bubbles and warm water swallowed up his body.


It just dawned on me that I was admiring my dad’s body and his butt crack. What was worse, I had an erection in my boxers! Now, I am getting used to random boners, but this one was a reaction to my dad. The thought of being hot for dad filled me with immediate remorse that I was perving on my pop.  I tried to clear my mind by doing laps, which did the trick.


“Danny, come join me in Mickey’s mouth and we can talk about our day tomorrow,” dad called over as I propped myself up on the deck catching my breath.


I hoisted myself out and padded over the tub and stepped in and was about to sit down when dad pointed at my boxers and looked down at the water and said, “You need to tuck yourself in buddy.”


I looked down and saw my semi-hard penis sticking out of the pee flap in my boxers.  I immediately adjusted myself and sat down. Like in the bedroom, it was a bit embarrassing but dad was more worried about it than I was.


We chatted about our day tomorrow and decided we would head over to Epcot and maybe Hollywood Studios for a few hours since it was their last day open for what could be a while. We speculated the crowds would be minimal and maybe we would get on the new Rise of the Resistance ride we had not yet managed to try.


As the conversation tapered off, I was just enjoying the beautiful evening, soft breeze, warm water and my boner.  MY BONER… what the hell!  I am getting boned up with my dad again and I was getting confused and really, really horny.




‘Yes Danny.”


“Remember when you saw me naked on my bed a few minutes ago, I noticed it really seemed to freak you out. I want you to know it didn’t bother me at all. I am not embarrassed by nudity and I don’t think you should be so embarrassed seeing your son’s penis and butt,” I immediately regretted saying it as it seemed like a stupid thing to say to your father.


“OK buddy, but I do think growing boys need privacy, even from their parents. I appreciate you telling me it didn’t bother you though, I know when I was your age I would have been traumatized if it was me,” Dad said and smiled warmly at me.


“Why don’t you head in and get your jammies back on and we will see what’s on Disney Plus. I’ll be right behind you after I tidy and lock up,” dad said.


I stood, not thinking about my hard penis and how my boxers would be plastered to my body, and sure enough, Dad noticed and looked away but said nothing. I did not react and walked across the deck and into the house. I slipped into the laundry room, stripped off my boxers and threw them in the wash and grabbed a towel. I started to wrap it around my nakedness but decided not to bother and walked in the buff through the house and up the stairs. Dad walked in and saw me as I rounded the corner and ran up the stairs.


As I got to my room, I dried myself but my hard boy part was not cooperating and I decided to simply ignore it, slipped on my PJ pants and headed back downstairs without a shirt, displaying the slightest of tents in my baggy PJ’s.


Dad was in the kitchen making popcorn as I took a seat on the couch and flipped on the TV.


“Can we catch up on The Mandalorian, dad?” I called out.


“You read my mind buddy. Let’s do it,” dad said.


Dad took his seat on the couch and I snuggled up and he pulled a blanket over both of us. He put the popcorn in his lap and handed me a can of Mellow Yellow.


Dad went to put his arm around my shoulder and recoiled like he had touched a hot stove.


“Sorry son, I forgot you had no shirt on,” he said.


“Seriously dad, you can touch my bare shoulder.  I won’t call the CPS to file a complaint,” and I grabbed his hand and wrapped it around me and I melted into his body as we settled in to enjoy our favorite show.


Dad and mom were totally opposite when it came to affection. Mom poured it on and was always touching and hugging and was never awkward about it or hesitant in any way. She was also very open when it came to nudity, discussing sex and puberty was nothing. She wasn’t phased by anything. I guess I take after her in this way because I love being touched. Not in a sexy way, but mostly in an affectionate way. If we were watching TV like this, mom would be rubbing my back, my chest and sometimes even a little on my butt when I was stretched out on the couch or when she comes in my bedroom to tuck me in.


Dad, on the other hand, is shy and is super awkward around nudity and talk of anything close to sex, puberty or ‘privates’ as he calls them. I often wonder how I was even conceived. My gramma says that all people of Dutch heritage are too conservative and all emotionally dead ... I don’t think she really likes dad too much. I reminded her that I was ‘of Dutch heritage’ and she said her opinion didn’t apply to her grandson.


“Dad, I am going to lay down. Can I put my head on your lap so I can see the TV better?” I asked, knowing it would have totally freaked him out if I just did it.


“Sure Danny,” he said. He grabbed a pillow and put it on his lap and I rested my head on it.


“Can you rub my back?” I asked.


“Oh, um. Ok, I guess,” he stammered. He started patting my back like I was a dog.


“Not like that, I’m not a cocker spaniel. Do it like mom does,” I said and demonstrated her method that involved a full palm rub, followed by a finger tip pass and then the light third pass with her nails just barely touching my skin and then repeat. It always felt great and often put me to sleep.


“Oh. OK. I know what you mean. Your mom rubs my back like that sometimes too,” he said and he proceeded to do his best, which eventually was pretty nice.


After about 10 minutes of the backrub, I was getting really aroused. My penis was back in stiff mode and I had the instinct to hump it into the couch, which I did slowly and discreetly under the blanket without dad noticing. I felt my penis flexing as I lightly thrust into the cushion as his fingers traveled up my back. All the stimulation was feeling amazing and suddenly a moan escaped my throat and I caught myself and pretended to clear my throat. Dad was too into the show to notice; he was on autopilot.


Sudden, I had the urgent urge to pee and I bolted upright to dash to the washroom.


“Dad, I’ll be right back. I gotta pee real bad,” I said and raced to the bathroom in fear I was going to have an accident. As I got to the toilet, I was unable to bend my erection to direct the pee into the toilet, so I had to do a body contortion to line up with the bowl. As soon as I was aimed and ready to let it go, I didn’t have to go anymore. My penis was starting to soften, so I waited and when I was at full limp noodle state, I still did not have to go. That was a first, I thought, and headed back to the couch.


“That was odd, I got there and didn’t have to go when I got there,” I reported to dad.


Dad seemed to blush and looked down at his lap like he had done something wrong.


“Danny, I am going to hit the hay now.  Since you don’t have school in the morning, you can stay up until 11 if you want, but I am bushed. I want to head to the parks as early as possible. Maybe grab breakfast there,” dad said as he got up and I sat down on the couch and got cozy again in the blanket.


“OK, night dad,” I said as he walked towards his room.


“Can I get a hug goodnight?” I called out. Dad paused, looked at me and then approached looking like he was in pain, bent down and hugged me. I reciprocated and said, “Love you dad.”


He released me, straightened up and said “Night pal. Remember, off to bed at 11,” and he walked off to his room and closed the door behind him.


With dad gone, I changed from Disney Plus to Netflix to watch an animated show called Big Mouth that my friends were talking about and that I had not been brave enough to watch with my dad around. The show was really funny and had a lot of sex jokes, references to masturbation and puberty.  I decided to slip my PJ pants off to enjoy a quick jerk. It felt very naughty and exciting at the same time to be naked, under a blanket in the family room, while playing with myself.


One minute I was enjoying my boyhood and the next thing there was a massive crash of thunder, super bright lightening and more thunder. I guess I had fallen asleep playing with myself.


The thunder crashed again and it was so intense the house shook.  I jumped up and ran into dad’s room and dove under the covers. Dad was, somehow, still sleeping like nothing was happening. I thought about waking him but decided against it as I know he would not let me sleep in his bed, so I just snuggled in and braced myself for the storm. 


Mom and dad’s bed is a massive king-sized thing and there is lots of room for dad and I and 4 others too. I was very comfortable and felt myself dozing off and then realized I was naked. I forgot I had taken off my PJ’s and didn’t bring them with me when I ran for cover. I knew I should go get them, but I was just so comfortable, I just decided I would stay this way and head upstairs before dad wakes up. I am always the first up in the morning anyway, so I will just get up and get dressed before dad’s alarm goes off and he will never know he slept with his naked 12-year-old son.


Being alone in dad’s bed naked felt so dangerous and exciting and my hand found its way to my hairless boyhood and I stared to stroke it to full hardness. Masturbating in the same bed as my dad seemed like the ultimate dirty act but it was fun and I kept it up for, what felt like, hours.


I rubbed slowly so as not to shake the bed too much and included my testicles in the fun as well and fondled them, lightly pulled on the scrotum and inspected each ball. I then moved to spend a lot of time rubbing, what I now know is called, my frenulum and the head of my penis and it felt heavenly. I ran my other hand over my developing body and rubbed my tummy, explored my navel and ended up rubbing my tiny nipples.  I was totally enjoying my naughty plan until dad rolled over and put his arm on my chest and murmured “stop bouncing around and go to sleep Donna, I have to get up early,” and drifted back to sleep with his hand on my chest.


I lay still not knowing what to do, so I stayed still frozen with my heart racing hoping he would take his hand away, but he didn’t.  I was still horny from my masturbation and my heart was pounding in my chest.


I so wanted to play with myself but I was afraid to move an inch.


Suddenly a wicked thought came over me.  I wanted to feel what it was like for dad to touch me. I knew how impossible this was, but thought that I might be able to move his hand down to my penis as he slept without him knowing.


My little head was doing the thinking now and was fighting with my real brain. If he caught me, I have no idea what he would do. I decided that if he started to wake, I would just pretend I was sleeping and hoped he would believe that he did it in his sleep not fully reasoning that I was also in his bed, naked, without his permission.


I was feeling horny and brave and I decided to take a chance. I listened carefully to his breathing to make sure it was a constant rhythm and then lightly pushed his hand down. I had to move a little closer as I pushed over to make up for the angle, but I managed to sync up my hand and my body movement perfectly in one fluid motion. I stopped just above the mound of my penis and paused to listen to his breathing before I reached my destination.


Dad’s breathing rhythm had not changed and he seemed to be in a state of deep sleep. I was so hard and horny; I wasn’t going to chicken out now. The thunder boomed and lightning lit up the room and he didn’t even flinch.


I practiced how I would suddenly fake sleep several times as his warm and soft hand rested millimeters from my hard and pulsing boy dick. This alone felt absolutely incredible already. I had butterflies in my tummy, my penis tingled, my pulse raced and I was breathing funny. My penis felt like it was flexing on its own and was yelling at me to stroke it some more.  I took one more look at his face, gave one more listen to his breathing and started to push his hand to its final destination.


End of Part 1


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